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This is why I state that the sentiment coming out of the Mises

Insitute needs to stay Misesian and not Rothbardian.

When we keep our commentary Value-Free, we don't get into hero-worship or demon-seeking.

Slavery is an Act of War

The Violence was already struck and it was struck in the most barbaric fashion possible: Against Women and Children and the Elderly.

You seem to ignore this issue of scope in your discussions about secession!

Better for the evil-man and the complacent-man to die in the field of battle then for women and children to be raped, torn apart, sodomized, and left without hope for generations -- and their men made to watch impotently.

Slavery is War -- The Civil War was a War to end War, it was not a fresh act of violence un-warranted.

I do not have a romanticized view of Lincoln -- I'm more of a Misesiean; I'm arguing against the Rothbardian need (owing to Rothbard's "ethics" approach to economic theory) to pick a side.

Side Picking is War Making (it first begins intellectually)

Voting is Side Picking

I'm not picking the side of the north as an example of an era of "free-market capitalism" whereas I can show you where Tom Woods, Dilorenzo, and Rockwell harken back to "freer" times in American Hisotry -- during the time of Slavery, Land Theft, and Forced Assimilation and Relocation.