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me too!

i didnt post (although i should have and wanted to.)

about a month or so ago i was in manhattan and made an illegal turn (didnt know, damn city has crazy rules.) got pulled and the cop was like u made an illegal turn license and reg. so im fuckin pissed off to high hell. he comes back and is like "hey, ill make you a deal. If you have another ron paul sticker on you ill let you off the ticket."

i was like OMG BRO YOU ARE SO AWESOME! i proceeded to tell him its not even about the ticket or the money, just the fact that an officer in the city can look past all the bs and know whats really going on out there is really inspiring, and i hope you speak with other officers about this too.

now me being a loser of course i had two rolls of stickers in my car which i post up sometimes, so i gave him a sheet and was on my way.

i would have given him the magnet i have on the back but i didnt want to go a single second wout it on my car =)

matter of fact sometimes when i take rides from other ppl i put my mganet on their car and go

long story short i was sooooooo proud it really made my week