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Some of the highlights...

"In the two weeks since the endorsement alone, Sen. Paul introduced or supported legislation legalizing hemp, eliminating farm subsidies, getting rid of foreign aid, and protecting citizens from TSA abuse. These examples are but the latest in two-year long voting record that many have rightly said is the most libertarian scorecard in the history of the U.S. Senate.

But for the dogmatists, this doesn’t matter. Rand Paul could become president, abolish the Federal Reserve, eliminate the PATRIOT Act, and bring every last troop home—but it wouldn’t matter: Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney."

That's because the dogmatists are like a dog chasing a car. They will never actually catch one, and wouldn't know what to do with it if they did.


"Some dedicate themselves to the kind of ‘let’s get arrested’ activism that always ends up the same way—arrest. Hopefully they aren’t wearing Ron Paul shirts when the cuffs come out. Unfortunately, they often are."

And some are moles for whom the whole point IS to be caught doing something obnoxious, or stupid, or violent while wearing a Ron Paul T-shirt.
In fact, the only thing better than doing something completely repulsive themselves is to convince the ignorant schmuck dogmatists on Daily Paul to start doing the same thing.


"Some are Alex Jones acolytes, conspiracy theorists who think ‘Rand has gone to the darkside’. Whenever someone says ‘Ron Paul Supporters are crazy,’ it’s likely they had a run in with one of these more vocal dogmatists."

And that has been the whole point of Alex Jones' career; mix enough of the truth with outlandish hogwash, disinformation and/or tangential trivia to divert the energies of the gullible and discredit the whole liberty movement in the process.


"Adam Kokesh might be one of the most prominent voices in the libertarian dogmatist movement...Like other dogmatists, he’s quick to dole out the “statist!” venom, alienating those who could advance political libertarianism. Kokesh has more recently declared that ‘The liberty movement can’t be co-opted!’ as if to insinuate political operatives who hold libertarian ideals have suddenly ceased holding those ideals. Most recently, he took a shot at Ron Paul 2012 campaign blogger, Jack Hunter, declaring that he was officially ‘kicking [Jack] out of my movement’. Sorry Adam, it’s not your movement."

The schism developing in our movement seems to have left me on the side with Rand Paul and Jack Hunter and NOT on the side with Adam Kokesh and Alex Jones.

Sounds good to me.

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