Comment: GMO's are too big a threat to life on this planet...

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GMO's are too big a threat to life on this planet... pussyfoot around.

FACT: Most consumers are still totally ignorant about the dangers posed by GMO foods.

FACT: The so-called "free market" approach will result in the continued intentional poisoning of millions for years to come merely because they happen to believe that "corn" is still corn and "soybeans" are still soybeans.

FACT: If labelling of GMOs is not mandated, most consumers of GMOs will not realize they are buying and consuming poison.

FACT: By the the time most consumers realize the fraud, the epi-genetic damage to the species and the genetic polution of the biosphere will already be done and, once done, cannot be undone.

GMO's should be made illegal ASAP. Short of that, mandatory labeling is essential to protect the planet and the species and minimize the damage done. This comes well within the police powers of State governments, but given their lack of jurisdiction over interstate and international commerce, Federal action is essential.

The issue is more than false advertising or fraud. Sellers of GMO foods are committing violence against humanity, attacking our specie's epigenetics and threatening the future genetic viability of life on this planet. The foundational principle of libertarianism, the non-aggression principle requires that GMO crops be banned or, at the very least, be clearly labeled and readily identifiable in the marketplace.

Rand is dangerously wrong on this one.