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Great Idea

Not to rain on the parade but education may be needed concerning the following:

"Very few know the purpose of a Constitution (restraint on government) and why leaders swear an oath and why we are a Republic and not a simple democracy (majority should not take from minority)."

The Constitution was demonstrably not intended to be a restraint on governors abusing government; the opposite is true.

A limited constitutional government or republic was not the intention behind the Nationalists (Hamilton in particular) who got rid of the working Democratic Federated Republic, or limited constitutional government, under The Articles of Confederation, as those Nationalists hid behind a thin veil of Federalism.

Those historical facts are very instructive if the idea is to know better instead of repeating the same old dogma that means nothing more than playing a speaking role in a really bad play.

Sure a very well conditioned victim of manufactured consent could be less ignorant about how voluntary defensive force, or government, can work, but to point them in a less evil direction compared to a worse evil direction is, well, The Problem not the solution.

Kettles calling Pots Black is the Problem no?