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Comment: He has a law degree

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He has a law degree

Romney graduated from Harvard with a law degree and a MBA - sort of the minimum educational background required to do what he did at Bain. I have not heard of a single comment from anyone who has dealt with him - including his most bitter enemies that ever said he was dumb - his biggest critics will concede that he is a brilliant man before ripping every other aspect of his life apart.

And he was on a Mormon mission in France - meant that he had to go around and try to win converts for his religion - not an easy or particularly enjoyable job particularly when you don't even drink or do drugs or chase women during your down time.

It is ok to be opposed to Romney and his policies but Ron Paul himself describes Romney as "Very Dignified" which is about as glowing a personal comment I have ever heard by Ron Paul - doesn't mean he will endorse Romney but he sees that Romney is a good and talented guy.

Your comment makes you seem very dumb.