Comment: Talk about the Pot calling the kettle black???

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Talk about the Pot calling the kettle black???

Im sure there is alot of truth here. It makes sense and its maddening to say the least, however, before someone accuses us of this stuff, i prefer it to be a country that doesnt get more UN food aid than any other country in the world. A country that doesnt have the worst human rights on record in the world, without actual genocide on its people. A country who doesnt even allow Television in its country, when just below it is the 4th most prosperous country in Asia. A country who propagandizes EVERYTHING to ensure love for its dictotorial state religion/cult of personality. If this had been a Swiss guy telling me this, I maybe more interested... If you think "perhaps YOU, Indra are being propogandized about the conditions in N.Korea!.." ok, well then just youtube "vice guide North Korea" and its just some guy who managed to get into NKorea for vacation and photos and documents so much of the trip....

I dont think propaganda works on us as much as it did. We have the internet now. Its different.

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