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Tarpley and Dr. Paul

Webster’s analysis in my view is very close to the truth on some of the facts but it lacks objectivity mainly due to his own political and ideological views. There a few respectable researchers who claim that Dr. Paul is not a genuine article. I disagree. But it has become obvious to me that he alone can’t handle the infiltrators in his own camp.

Ron Paul’s movement is the most promising force which can change not just internal affairs of this country but the entire world’s structure. Having said that, this movement has much to learn, organize and improve upon its actions. As delegate selection process has shown -- we can achieve victories. And not just in electoral process but also in legislative areas. I think it would be beneficial to create groups that focus on specific issues/areas may it be state laws, property rights, media, congress watch, electoral process, economy, etc., Lawyers for Ron Paul is a great example. These groups should function as think tanks and action committees where people who have talent, knowledge, experience and most importantly dedication to the cause of liberty would take lead.

By bringing knowledgeable and talented people together, sticking to the Constitution and focusing our efforts we will not allow neocons to covertly take over this movement and most importantly we will derail their efforts and make this country again a Constitutional Republic.