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Comment: Take them to court

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Take them to court

Out here in Washington State, in the Pierce County GOP convention, I paid to attend a convention that was run according to the GOP's rules. There was a contract, a meeting of the minds. In exchange for my payment, the Pierce County GOP was to provide a convention run according to the rules. I did my part by paying and the GOP defaulted by not providing a convention according to the rules. I am thinking of bringing suit against the county GOP for not only the convention fee I paid but for the waste of my time to attend the convention and the time I spent in the 6 months prior to the county convention, about $10,000 in total. If other RP folks who were cheated out of a convention or other delegate selection process that was not run according to the rules filed law suits against the various GOP organizations, we could cost the GOP many tens of millions of dollars defending their egregious behavior. The huge monetary cost to the various GOP organizations coupled with the negative publicity would be a good for the GOP and the liberty movement.