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I think the why questions are

I think the why questions are most important. Although they reveal I do not understand something, holistic thinking leaves room for learning. My purpose is not to win an argument or reveal a contradiction. I want to engage in constructive dialogue where both the interviewer and interviewee learn something of value. I do not feel content not understanding "why". I find this question fascinating because the answer to "why" questions are rewarding. For example, "why do I study for this test?" I already understand the material. I have not memorized everything but do I really need to memorize information I can look up in a reference? Do I really need to get an A instead of a B on a test? Is there true value in "earning" an A. Does this automatically make me a better person. No! Understanding the reason I take the test enables me to study more effectively. Now I can go online and research a related topic about perhaps an application or something that I do not already know rather than wasting my time.