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A conspiracy is President

A conspiracy is President Bush claiming weapons of mass destruction, Obama supplying guns to drug gangs, Nixon's water gate.

This is not a conspiracy is simple greed.... The greed of big oil isn't a conspiracy it is simply evil. The greed of the families atop these corporations and banks (all the same) are greed and evil of demonic levels. They have no problem with the fixed system they have created causing so many so much hardship. I guess you consider it a conspiracy that Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Morgans are evil and control big oil, government, currency, and everything else. It's really not a conspiracy. It is simply a well thought out plan falling together. Isn't it interesting how these men never show up on Forbes list of the richest? Yet they have controlled the Fed for a hundred years. Some Mexican telephone exec is the richest in the world.. LOL... I guess I would have to call that a conspiracy the richest men in the world hiding in the shadows. You seem to be blind to these facts and the media portrays the truth in your eyes.

Opec controls oil? If opec rules oil why do they use US dollars? I would imaging any fool in control of it would only accept their own currency. Why would they allow US dollars to rule the oil.... One reason and only one... The above mentioned families rule big oil. If you control the money supply you control everything.... It's fully rigged wake up (head out of sand).

The perfect conspiracy- The entire mainstream media blacking out Ron Paul... That is a conspiracy...

BTW you passed on the world government question... Again easy to see through... You will find these folks you defend could care less about you and your family. Just a bunch of useless eaters.