Comment: This is about Monsant Baning labeling so we won't know what

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This is about Monsant Baning labeling so we won't know what

is in our food. I don't want to eat GMO's and most people don't either. And I do not want a company like Monsanto to get a monopoly on the food supply. For years now Monsanto and a few other companies have taken seeds that came from Nature in to the laboratory and genetically altered them. They then get a patent on these seeds. They own them and nobody else can own their seeds. Then they go out and buy up heirloom seed companies. They burn and destroy these seeds. SEEDS ARE GONE FOREVER! So gradually they are getting a stranglehold on the food supply. They are getting laws passed that limit organic farmers from staying in business as well as family farms. Even growing your own vegetables or fruits then sharing with your neighbor is being restricted. More and more laws are being passed prohibiting growers from saving their seeds for next years planting. Why? Because they want it all. YES THEY WANT TO OWN EVERY SEED, EVERY PLANT AND EVERY TREE. The end result is they can then charge what they want and if we don't pay? WE DON'T EAT!
They are now mowing to eliminate all organic farming. If you don't know the difference then you should learn what you can about it.
Did anyone see the movie "Total Recall" with Arnold Schwarsneger. Where he went to Mars and the dictator on Mars cut off the air supply to control the population.
Do you see the correlation? Do you want them to be able to cut off the food supply if we don't pay whatever they want or behave the way they want or they cut off the food supply?
There is already monopolization of the water supply. Soon there will be wars fought over water.
Last but not least is that GMO's are of questionable quality. There used to be thousand of varieties of potatoes now we are down to a few dozen. Sort of like the news media that used to be owned by hundreds are now down to abut a half a dozen corporations.
This is the bigger picture.