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That crazy claim actually comes from

the liberal Democrat attorney Richard Gilbert
(he's the Lawyer part of the Lawyers for Ron Paul).
He wrote it yesterday on Twitter **here**.
He claims that the head of the Massachusetts delegation told him this, but also says that this same person is “under Benton's influence”. Some other Twitter person pressed Mr. Gilbert to explain further, since what he had said actually doesn't make any sense, but Mr. Gilbert wasn't capable of elaborating. The OP finally asked if they could chat somewhere, like on the DP or RPF, so that they could get to the bottom of this, but that request just inspired Mr. Gilbert to announce his dislike for the DailyPaul, and that he “has no time for doubters” (!)

BTW @radiofriendly as a pianist myself, let me tell you, that your performance of Hank Williams’ ‘House of Gold’ (the one on YT, piano + banjo) is just brilliant.