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Comment: lol yea im a romney troll.

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lol yea im a romney troll.

lol yea im a romney troll. For so many people here claiming to be so woken up and smart about the issues they sure are dumb as f on common sense. Ron Lost, he said it everybody knows it except for the cult like supporters who cant rap their heads around reality. Ron LOST, next up is gary johnson. The candidate besides Obama and Mitt to get the next highest votes will rub off of whoever wins because next time they know they have to fight for that chunk of support, if its spread out between all the third party candidates then there wont be a huge chunk that they care to try and get next time. Pull ur head out of your ass, im sick of seeing delusional people on here. Facts are facts, Paul LOST and hes retiring from politics in January. WTF do you expect to do!!!! Keep promoting freedom but ron is not going to be the one who gets it for us. Quit being selfish