Comment: Just One Example of How Dr. Paul Stands Out

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Just One Example of How Dr. Paul Stands Out

...from the pack. Not just intoning "I am pro-choice" or "pro-life"
knowing it is a political issue that wins or loses votes. He took a personal stand in the Sanctity of Life Act. While seldom resorting to "God talk" he also brought it up in his brief "Statement of Faith."

I encourage everyone (no matter what your stance) to read:
His approach, his personal statement, his life as a doctor bringing 1,000 of babies into the world ... is so different than stating a position. Plus, it was his prayer that this could be settled and put behind us so we could get on with the challenges facing the country.

I was accused recently by a supporter of a pro-choice candidate of being a "one issue" person. I certainly am not and would not even vote solely on this issue. However, how Dr. Paul addressed this one issue (as he does with most issues) is deeply thought out and earnest in its conviction.

Thank you for posting.