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Not trying to get ahead of my

Not trying to get ahead of my self, but being on the front page does have it's advantage of reaching a lot more Paul people.

I believe the next date to keep in mind is JULY 14th! That's NEBRASKA'S state convention. I don't know of anything before that, but if there is something I'll make a thread about it.

Nebraska is the last state convention. However, there are other elections BEFORE the RNC! July 31st, for example, I know of 3 liberty candidates that will be up for election in GEORGIA.

Always remember, Primaries for Ron Paul are not the only times we need to get out and vote! I'll try to make a thread for each coming election with a list of the liberty candidates so you know who to vote for.

Whenever Mr. Nystrom gets back I hope to speak with him about my ideas of where the DailyPaul should go after the RNC.