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Great Questions! Let's See If I Can Assist

Please understand that I am not an attorney, but here's the way I understand it.

1. This question I can't answer. Dunno!

2. Please be aware that we are talking about a Federal Civil Right Case here. No California judge has thrown it out or has the autority to do so. The case is being heard in Federal Court, not State Court; so California and Massachusetts laws do not apply. Federal Law trumps State law and trumps GOP party "rules." That's the whole of it with this case: (i) to get Paul on the ballot (ii) to get US Marshalls at the convention to upfold Federal Law,(iii) to win the nomination.

3. All the attorneys at L4RP are Ron Paul devotees.

4. N.A., see #2 above.

5. N.A. This is again mixing apples and oranges: State and Federal, two different animals.

6. All attorneys are working on the case "pro bono publico," a Latin phrase used to describe professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment as a public service.

I hope this helps as I am not willing to "triangulate" and to take on the responsiblity of asking somebody else's questions. Thanks for understanding!