Comment: Republican National Comittee, a United States Corporation.

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Republican National Comittee, a United States Corporation.

Republican National Committee Inc.
Washington, DC United States

Company Description

Donkeys need not apply! Otherwise, the Republican National Committee (RNC) says it's a big tent open to all who want to come inside. It's the political and fund-raising engine behind the GOP (Grand Old Party), party of many US presidents from Lincoln to Bush. It has branch offices in all 50 US states; it publishes party rules, the party platform, and Rising Tide, a quarterly magazine. In its early days, it worked to abolish slavery, give African-Americans and women the right to vote, and provide equal protection under the law. Its party principles include a belief that government should stay out of individual decisions, equal rights for all, and states rights. Michael Steele became chairman in 2009.
310 1st St. Se Phone: 202-863-8500
Washington, DC 20003 Fax: 202-863-8820
United States

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