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i permitted my well as a residential well.

You need special approval to get a casing larger than 8" here. I have an 8" cased well, but the bore hole is like 20" with gravel pack so the well flows like an AG well. I was told when the well was jetted to clean out the bentonite that the level of the water never went below 200' when pumping 150 GPM over 6-8 hours. I had a separate company come out to install the pump. The pump is a 5 HP single phase that produces 50-60 GPM. The cost of the 2" pipe, well pump wire, control box and two pressure tanks was about $6,000. The pump sits at 260'. I installed two additional pressure tanks (85 gallon) for a total of four, plumbed them all together and wired up the pressure switch and control box, and finished all wiring to the main panel from PG&E. I have about 85-150 gallons of pressurized water when I lose power, which is nice for toilets/sink, and the well pump runs at least 2 minutes to refill the tanks when the pressure switch kicks in, doubling the life of the pump when you double the pressure tanks. I saved about $3,000 by doing the finish work myself, which included pouring a 4x4 slab around the well and the wiring/pressure tank work. My favorite tool for cutting/splicing PVC was a dewalt cordless sawzaw.

So I probably have a total of $17000-$17500 into the well finished. I don't think your driller is crazy at $20k if you require steel casing. I used PVC. The reason I chose to utilize a separate guy for the pump is the main drilling company wanted about $10k to complete the well pad and wire it all up w/ plumbing and the pump. Pressure tanks are about $450/ea.

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