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And for those who love to

And for those who love to tinker with a little bit of technology, you can easily and cheaply do some awesome things with hydroponics and/or aeroponics.

See this site for example for some inspiration:

To highlight a project:

Floating Raft Deep Water Culture
Author: Jared Bouck
Project Cost: 20.00
Est Construction Time: 1.5 Hr
Required Skill Level: Can you use scissors safely?

Grow rates can be insane and you can get high yields in small amounts of space. :)

4 Week old tomato plant planted in soil:


4 Week old tomato plant grown using aeroponics:

Aeroponics summary:

Many cool examples can be found on the web. Plenty of tinkerer/gardener type of people growing their own healthy and tasty foods. :) can for example be searched for 'hydroponics':

Added bonus idea:

Make things solar powered :)