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in large pots with fertilized (bagged up at the store) soil until the hail season ends. In two weeks they will be like bushes with the right soil.
That might not go over so well in USA. Peeps would see the sign that says 'free' and take everything all at once in one fell swoop.

I did something similiar one Halloween. I left a huge bowl of candy bars beyond my wet Paint sign near the porch and wrote "take some and leave the rest for other people." Nope. One or two people took the entire contents of the bowl. Only in selfish, greedy grubbing USA-the generation that wasn't taught that the meaning of life is to care about others....tooo bad soooo sad. Can't blame them when the elitists are the guilty party for training these hapless souls.

me? I love to give away "starts". yes.. anyone need any? I have some heirlooms too.

Keepin' it real.