Comment: I suppose that nobody is

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I suppose that nobody is

I suppose that nobody is really interested in knowing for certain that their energy use cost is going to increase due to government mandate; or that three judges just gave the E.P.A. and their fake science the ability to tax and regulate nearly our entire lives due to 'greenhouse gas' emissions.

Wait a minute, we -as living beings- emit greenhouse gas; are we going to be fitted with breathing apparatuses that will gauge the amount of CO2 we emit so that we may receive a bill in the mail? Maybe by utilizing Obamacare, they may be able to mandate annual physicals as to determine our level of fitness by measuring our BMI and activity level so that we may receive a bill to pay for the amount of CO2 we emitted over the year.

To receive a lower bill, people will be willfully starving themselves to death; looking like they just step out of Auschwitz. Isn't it nice, how they(TPTB) are getting Americans to due to themselves what would otherwise be considered horrible acts, like: slavery, starvation, eugenics, poisoning, and genocide. Boy, Americans are a smart bunch.