Comment: Jerry Liberty from Watch the Vote 2012 Replies

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Jerry Liberty from Watch the Vote 2012 Replies

So far, no lawyers at L4RP have addressed this particular article or the questions. While the general consensus seems to be: "Call in to the program posted above tonight," Jerry Liberty writes this:

"This biased article was written by Chad Peace and is so full of errors I lost count. He writes as if he is some legal authority and claims Judge Carter will move the case to Massachusetts due to the 17 delegates there that were wronged. He is blowing smoke up everyone's ass. The Massachusetts delegates were not even plaintiffs in the case when he wrote the article and there are plaintiffs from all over the country. So this guy is a deliberate plant for the enemy trying to stir up opposition to the lawsuit. WE CERTAINLY MUST have some people scared.

"They call articles like this, especially the 2nd one, 'red herrings'

"By the way, Chad Peace, who authored both these inaccurate articles heads an outfit called IVP Independent Voter Contact which is a FOR SALE outfit that tries to buy independent voters for candidates. So that's a dead give away: Independent Voter Contact.

"Independent Voter Contact specializes in targeting influential voters for our clients. Through time-tested information gathering techniques, professional messaging strategies, and effective marketing campaigns, Independent Voter contact remains at the cutting edge of political strategy. We work with our clients to communicate and educate the fastest growing section of our electorate, the independent voter. We utilize the importance of new technologies in a more interconnected world, and combine them with traditional ‘offline’ approaches that have years of proven efficacy."

This may be why the lawyers at L4RP are not dignifying the article with a response.