Comment: Look at the Future

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Look at the Future

Friends of Liberty will either win or we all lose.

Celente and Jones exemplify the current Political Economy Debate of Liberty as our POWER continues to be stolen and used against us by Friends of Legal Crime.


Take any of the last Presidential Reality Shows that was shown to all the idiots through Corporate Television during the last Election Cycle (Psycho).

Compare that to the last time anyone said anything true, or meaningful, during an Election Cycle (Psycho), which was the Ross Perot (giant sucking sound) Reality Television.

So compare, if you still have a competitive mind, or soul that uses your mind, compare, competitively, three examples:

1. 2008 Presidential Psycho (Manufacturing the Consent of Idiots)

2. 1992 Presidential Giant Sucking Sound (beginning realization of DEBT)

3. Actual Discussion of Current Reality (gaining currency)

It may not be too late, look left, look right, how many stupid people are still drinking the cool aid?