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You will never have enough of

You will never have enough of the masses on your side to make government smaller unless they know the truth; and therein lies the problem. The Tea Party have no interest in actually making the government smaller, and neither do the progressives; and that is because they are tied-up in the false left-right paradigm. If progressives realized that all of the social programs were designed to make them dependent on government and corporations for their very survival -and not to actually help them; and if the tea party people were to realize that all of those damn foreign wars, which are predicated upon false premises, are making us less safe and requiring that all Americans turn-over their civil liberties including the 2nd Amendment, then you may have the will of the people to actually make the government smaller. However, you cannot make the case for any of that without exposing conspiracies.

Have fun trying to explain why we don't need the Department of Homeland Security, TSA, The Bureau of Counter Terrorism without explaining that the entire terrorist trying to kill us meme is one giant hoax. Also, have fun trying to explain why we don't need the ATF, EPA, FCC, SSI, Food Stamps, Welfare, and the FED, without exposing that the creation of such institutions and programs was a conspiracy to enslave, monitor, and control Americans.