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not sure--

there have been many predictions of economic calamity--

what *I* see out here in "DP/regular person land" is that prices are rising daily, while income is declining--

food prices, especially, have been skyrocketing lately--

it doesn't matter how many veggie plants we plant, how many fruit trees we plant, etc., etc., etc.--

it's harder to find food to eat--

everything costs more--

and work hours that pay well are going down--

this has been predicted regularly for many years; I can remember reading about economic collapse in the 80s, when things were very good for spouse and me--

before we had our personal economic collapse--


One foot ahead of the other and just more hard work--

we never have been toy/cruise people, but now it's even less likely that there will be any treats of any kind, even if the treat is a big fruit salad--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--