Comment: Errors run deep

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Errors run deep

Having watched the whole hour long interview I see a need to discriminate between two glaringly opposite angles of view:

Yes, affirmative, no need for yet again another second opinion, and not even a hint of a shadow of doubt, the power of LAW is controlled by Sociopaths, Psychopaths, and Criminals at the highest (National) level.

No, wrong, that is an error, the use of the LAW power to "regulate" commerce was the error from the very beginning of this Nation State, constituting THE PROBLEM, not the solution.

So Gerald Celente and Alex Jones gain high marks, much appreciation, and great credit, for moral and material support for Liberty, as Friends of Liberty, as they accurately identify the facts concerning how Criminals run Government.

But, Gerald Celente and Alex Jones may not fully understand how Liberty works nor, apparently, are they able to communicate how Liberty is defended without becoming that which we supposedly abhor.

A Republic, or Confederation, or Federation, or Democratic Federated Republic was exemplified, producing legal precedents, in the time between 1776 and 1788 under The Articles of Confederation, so there is no need to remain stupid about how Liberty had worked, when Liberty did work as a means of life, including having the means to defend against criminals.