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Not an expert

I'm not an authority on what Ron Paul thinks but...

If Ron Paul thinks that a limited constitutional government, such as a federation, or a republic, works to allow people to defend Liberty against all enemies of Liberty, both foreign and domestic, then TAX can be voluntary.

If taxes are voluntary then Liberty is preserved.

If taxes are involuntary then crime is made legal.

The concept of a Democratic Federated Republic, such as the working example provided in the time between 1776 and 1788, under The Articles of Confederation, the people hired representatives to run a State government and then those representatives formed an imperfect Union, or Federation, or Confederation, or Republic, or Democratic Federated Republic, and the method of taxing was voluntary between The Sovereign State Governments and The Federal Government.

When the FED wanted money the FED was told if it could have more money or if, no, sorry, you can't have any more money.

Each State retained the legal power to say yes, or say no, in case of a runaway despotic government POWER were to somehow, magically, become real at the Federal Level.

So the question is:

"What type of and how much taxation is acceptable?"

And the answer is:

Strictly voluntary taxes are acceptable since involuntary taxes are criminal, so who but a criminal will insist upon being paid or else?

There is no or else, you will pay.

The argument (for the sake of argument because it is false) that States can't exist without involuntary taxes has been proven false by the example given, the legal precedents were set during The Articles of Confederation REGIME occurring here in America between 1776 and 1788, for all who care to see, to see.

No involuntary taxes between Sovereign State and Federal parts of the Democratic Federated Republic and if a State government goes bad, starts enslaving the people, with anything, including crimes hidden behind involuntary taxes, then runaway slaves can runaway to a less despotic State in the imperfect Union, so no, bursting your false bubble, involuntary taxes were not necessary then, and they are not necessary now, so maybe, just maybe, you aught to kill that lie in your head before it consumes all of us, not just you.