Comment: Dissociating the Water Atom = Fame & Fortune?

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Dissociating the Water Atom = Fame & Fortune?

There are many people around the world working on dissociating the water atom into its constituents Hydrogen and Oxygen. Should such a process be developed in an efficient manner untold wealth and fame will befall the developer(s) or so they think/wish.

Across the web open-minded inventors and tinkerers are mixing and matching every conceivable (and sometimes inconceivable) methods and devices to achieve what at first appearance is an easily attainable goal. Many of these methods are presented in open diverse discussion forums (and where they are poked and prodded for any gems of possibilities.

On every forum I've seen this process there is inevitably the troll(s) who believes what s/he learned in high school physics class was the end all and be all of science, physics and dissociating of water. Is it true science did not evolve beyond high school physics? Well, of course not. Science went way beyond DC low voltage and low amperage electrolysis. There are in fact many ways to dissociate the water atom into Hydrogen and Oxygen. These systems of course have different rates of efficiency.

Below are links to some of these processes. The first two links lead to some interesting information. The third link is a wiki page wherein these processes are listed and linked to more data. The links on this wiki page are not open to the public but for subscribers only.

Dissociating Water by Plants

Dissociating Water with Microwave

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Dissociating Water with Fire
Dissociating Water with X-Rays - Radiolysis
Dissociating Water with Ultrasonic Vibration
Dissociating Water with Alternating Current
Dissociating Water with Vacuum
Dissociating Water with Acoustic Cavitation
Dissociating Water Acoustically