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Whoop dee do. I have a PhD

Whoop dee do. I have a PhD in a mathematical field. The piece of paper you have hanging on the wall (or in my case, stuffed in a drawer) is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether you can make a coherent argument, based on what we actually know about the world. I didn't use any google pages to debunk the water powered car. I used conservation of energy. I explained very clearly why you can't make a car run on water by extracting the hydrogen from the water and then burning it. In your science classes did they explain how to violate conservation of energy?

If this really worked you could get your house off the grid in a month. Just buy two fuel cells.

Fuel cell A is run in reverse. It uses electrical power to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Fuel cell B is run forward. It combines the hydrogen and oxygen from fuel cell A into water, generating power.

Feed the water from fuel cell B back into fuel cell A. Power fuel cell A with the electricity generated by fuel cell B.

You now have a fully closed system. It is your belief that fuel cell B generates more power than fuel cell A uses, leading you with excess power with which to run your house. You have a perpetual motion machine.

Go ahead. Build it. Nobody from Exxon is going to blow off your head. But try not to be too disappointed when the whole thing runs down and stops within a few minutes.