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I Can Always Count On You To Bring Your Best Game

Jefferson: Sorry to hear about you being laid up; but I’m glad to hear you are provoking conversation among the hospital staff. No doubt revolting discussion is instigated every time your bed pan gets changed. [Scatology is an almost talismanic remedy for too much kitsch. I had a grade school teacher who was a dairy farmer. She called it 'barn talk' as she pointed to the door. 'Take it outside'] ;-) Definitely, let’s confer.

I was going to link your thread, my friend. It helped instigate my thinking that we, the DP community, need to think in such post campaign directions, as has really been the point all along.

But you are also right that we should make the most of things. It’s still game on. So …. Let’s bring it!

I had you in mind when it occurred to me that a campfire in the great outdoors might be just what we need as we DPers stare into the abyss on the edge of the swamp.

Swamp ;-)