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And the verdict is?

Imagine a principle (morality, golden rule, equity, justice) based election where a Gerald Celente, Alex Jones, Ron Paul, presidential debate occurred instead of the non-principle based election (deceit, threats of violence, and violence = might makes right) that does somehow get rammed down the throats of mass mankind?

Talk about "the cult of personality", there is no personality in those cardboard cutouts of naked despotism, they have narrowed down the gene pool into a form of political zombie with their enforced monopoly of political inbreeding - made so on the screams of millions of innocent victims tortured onto mass graves piled all the way up to the gates of heaven and all the way down into hell.

Can you imagine the faces of the droned out brainwashed masses if a debate between Gerald Celente, Alex Jones, and Ron Paul were televised on Federal (not National) Television for this 2012 Election Cycle instead of the Election Psycho that appears to be running according to The Business Psycho where America is Busted while China is Boomed so as to usher in a new age of Counterfeit Money Hegemony, or World Reserve Currency Status exported to offshore accounts?

Who would be asking the questions of the Front Runners, and why not add Jesse Ventura onto the stage?

Use your imagination eh?

What if the questions asked of the new Federal Election (no longer National, but back to a Republic) Wannabe Candidates for President of America where picked through a Web Based Network Program where repeat questions, bumped up to the top of the page, were picked by each Candidate to ask and answer themselves.

Jesse Ventura
Gerald Celente
Alex Jones
Ron Paul

Each at their podium, on a Web Based LIVE Election Debate (covered by the Major Media too, since no one would be watching anything on their subsidized "channels" once this sh@# hits the fan) and Jesse Ventura goes first.

Jesse Looks at his screen, which is projected behind all the candidates for everyone to see as the majority rule bumps up the most repeated questions onto the first page (refreshed every minute so as to allow for time to pick a question before it falls off the list making room for a higher priority question) and Jesse picks:

Question 1 to Jesse Ventura:
"If you Jesse are elected as President will you continue exposing all the corruption at the National Level with your license to open any doors that previously had you locked out at gun point?"

Before I imagine being in Jesse Ventura's shoes to answer this question it may be important to point out that Jesse does not appear to be the type who would need a "handler" to help him pick out "soft ball" questions, so why wouldn't Jesse pick this question?

Jesse Ventura:

"You betcha', John Smith, thanks for the question, as you well know I've been on the trail of the worst crimes being committed in our names with our dimes and once Elected there won't be any power on Earth that can stop me from representing you, finding out who is responsible, and holding them to account, unless I'm assassinated, of course, but look around you, look around me, there are plenty of people to take my place, in any case."

Gerald Celente takes his turn at picking a question and answering it.

Gerald picks:
"Gerald Celente: once elected will you be able to work with Ben Bernanke in creating jobs?"

Gerald Celente (also not afraid of hard questions):
"Ben will be on the fast track to prison I assure you, since I've done my homework, and no jury on this planet would ever allow anyone to get away with the crimes committed by that man, never mind reward them with a subsidized salary with bonuses on and off the books."

Alex Jones takes a turn in this part of the Debate, also not wanting anyone to handle things for him, and eager to spread the word, finding the following question on the updated list:
"Alex Jones, will you find some sense of Liberty, or Justice, in finally being able to know who is behind all these conspiracies that have lately become outright public confessions by the conspirators themselves, assuming that you are elected President of America?"

Alex Jones (looking left at Gerald and Jesse, then looking right at Ron Paul, then answering into the camera):
"Any one of the Statesmen in this election will earn that fact of Liberty, if my name is Alex Jones, and so it matters not which one of us is Elected at this point, but for me personally I can see a very serious need to begin rebuilding through solid investments while cleaning house."

Ron Paul interrupts the general protocol of the event by following up Alex Jones:
Ron Paul:
"Having repealed Legal Tender laws, which may or may not be the method by which Liberty is regained and solid investments are rebuilding economic prosperity according to my Fellow Friends of Liberty, my competitors for this office, each individual entrepreneur in this great country can now invest as they see fit with their earnings, since they will no longer be "providing the means by which they suffer" through a criminal counterfeiting monopoly made into a monopoly by immoral use of Law. In other words: the rebuilding of America will no longer be any of the Federal Governments business, and as President the focus of the Federal government can return to defense against enemies of our mutual Liberty, for all of us, both foreign and domestic enemies, such as Ben Bernanke, and any potential threats from any other part of the world, including China if, by chance, China expects payments of Debts made between the Chinese Government and those criminals who once ran The Federal Reserve System of Fraud. This pending conflict may require more than a sound bite to cover reasonably, but most of our intelligent electorate will understand that careful reasoning concerning this very serious issue once it is explained and implemented in detail, and in actual fact."