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I respect your right to have

that opinion, however, I don't believe that's the way to look at this and believe that almost no one will be offended nor will it put women against the liberty movement. I think it is actually more offensive to women for others to stereotype them as being offended about this sort of thing. Maybe some will be, but I believe most will not.

More importantly, when you are trying to get a message out there it is certainly more useful to use creativity and artistry and some sort of attention getter. It is beneficial to be "provocative" especially in film. It is more important to try to bring the liberty movement to connect with today's culture instead the "nobel liberty tradition" which is why the constitution is looked at as being outdated (by the uninformed of course.)

The key thing here is that Jeremy is adding to the liberty movement using his skills, know how and his own strategy. Maybe there are others that would like to make another film to suit their own styles and I am sure those would be good as well. I don't believe that he has an obligation to fit a certain mold nor reach every demographic in 15 minutes.

Lastly, Ron Paul's name is not on this short film.