Comment: Failsafe Collateral - Our Good Name

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Failsafe Collateral - Our Good Name

Since all currencies are based in trust, the perception we humans have that this thing we've agreed on to be a unit of exchange, be it gold, government-backed paper, tobacco, will have value to someone else in the future. When trust is broken it is difficult to earn back. You wouldn't trust a gold dealer who sells you a fake coin - he's either an idiot or a thief. Avoid either way.

Aside from the fruits of his current labor, all anyone can really offer another is their potential value in the future. Between the material wealth and the reputational wealth a person builds in their life the first is obviously due to the second.

A currency based on the good name and good word of a cotillion of Ron Paul supporters, who understand economics, understand people, and aren't going anywhere!

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.