Comment: Treason, NOT Fraud

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Treason, NOT Fraud

Any deliberate action which impedes a democratic voting process is an act of treason, not fraud. Fraud is associated with an illegal act for personal gain. The outcome of the election defines the lives and deaths (in case of another undeclared war) of our countrymen. It should be considered as a covert act of violating the rights of all Americans and as many of us know it is done to support a foreign entity, international banks and Israel's Zionist regime.

An affidavit requested by the very people who are rigging elections results is a desperate act of a minority to hold on to power, not only it's illegal, it's pathetic. This signifies the increasing weakness of their position.

Using word TREASON instead of FRAUD when it comes to election rigging will make some people think twice before they will do something stupid.

P.S. No illusions, please. Maddow doesn't give a s**t about freedom, her role is to portray republicans as morons and Ron Paul supporters as clinically insane. Some episodes are designed to give her more credibility and when the naive public is ready for more that's when the most vial lies and propaganda will come out.