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I don't

But let's stick to facts instead of beliefs. I have no beliefs you see. So I cannot join that debate if I want to be constructive. I prefer to.

The only truth of the matter is WE the people have no knowledge of value as to what sort of secrets an elite are hiding for us. Good or bad either way.

I have no trust in government as it does and always has done the exact opposite of what is says it does. Fact! - But only from where we stand. Perhaps not from an elitist point of view. The deceit is about the District of Colombia - The Crown territory. I doubt anyone except key people in both the army, intelligence community and political establishment knows about it. But their loyalty must be with the Crown. If they do not obey their masters - they are dead. Simple as that. Evidence is there to support it. But still we do not understand the full picture as they keep secrets from the public. Also fact. We know it as 'classified' information. Hence the public ignorance. How can it be any different?

Only a fully transparent government can work for the benefit of all. We don't have that. But boy, wouldn't that be something to support? I would for sure.

Drake has tauhgt me a lot about 'law'. In a simple manner anyone can relate to. Nothing complicated about his information. That's why I enjoy listening to him. My first language is not even english. But I understand him. He has a gift with explaining issues in a rational manner. Actually we all have that gift. We just don't use it very often.

Perhaps he IS just another 'traitor'. Time will tell. One positive outcome of his effort though is that he has educated us about law in a constructive non-arrogant manner. He made a difference to a great number of individuals. I salute that. I ask questions to my own politicians in a different way now. They find it very hard to respond truthfully based on that technique ;o)

I don't see the point of getting into a debate about reptilians, aliens etc. But I've often wondered why we've never seen close-up color images of the moon. So has a lot of scientists around the world. Again you can thank government and the business elite for public ignorance regarding that issue. They WANT it that way. It suits their purpose whatever that might be. The public buy into it because everyone's programmed to 'believe' in something rather than KNOWING wth is going on. It's never about facts based on logic and reason. Once you start looking for facts it will soon occur to you that we know very little indeed. But we're the great pretenders who enjoy acting as if we actually know stuff. We don't. We only know half the story and we're missing out on the important knowledge hidden from us. Ever asked yourself why that is. How can we evolve as a species if we are kept in the dark about vital knowledge. We will continue to make the wrong choices for ourselves and our children. I say it's time to put an end to this. We deserve it and our planet demands it or it will rid us all. Just as it has always been. If nature creates a problem, nature will fix it. That's a fact. It's a self regulating being. So are we. Time to switch on our third eye.