Comment: The choice here is peaceful or violent resistance.

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The choice here is peaceful or violent resistance.

I choose peaceful. Having done so, the choice becomes change the system from within or outside. I choose inside. I am a 41 year old married father of 4, who has a degree, a job, a big house with a big mortgage, no tattoos and I look good in a suit. I CAN pass for establishment, therefore it makes sense for me to use the system against itself. That is obviously not always the case. Do it like the left does - you know, "bottom up, top down, inside out." It works for them.

We CAN take over the GOP. In my opinion it is the fastest way to begin fixing thIngs in a peaceful way, so I choose it. By all means choose your own path to resistance, but RESIST.

Also, try using logic instead of mockery when you disagree with tactics but are basically on the same philosophical side. It's more persuasive.