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Obviously this is out of context.

This was a reply to Apple in which he requested what the possible motives were for this law suit if it wasn't to help get Paul elected.

And in my reply ... the very first statement I made was , "I'll give a shot at that one."

This whole thing could have really been a rally cry and you probably would have gained tremendous support if you didn't make so many stupid mistakes.

1. Saying you are taking over the Ron Paul Campaign.
2. Calling yourselves Lawyers for Ron Paul, a play on the legitimate "Attorneys for Ron Paul".
3. Absolutely no transparency with respect to who you and yours are.
4. Trolling on here for names of delegates.
5. Shitting on Benton and the rest of the campaign staff.

These are just the ones that concerned me. Others here have other concerns.

Finally, it is very clear from my additional statements that I insinuate that this is all probably being done for money, with no real hidden conspiracy, but the problem I have with that motive is that if you settle this case and the RNC gives you a nice pay off, they will insist on a complete list of plaintiffs.

That scares me.

Let's say this lawsuit has nothing but pure intentions.
1. There is 100% chance that it gets dismissed.

Now what?

Well, if I were the RNC I would be calling these lawyers and explaining to them their zero chance of success, but that we were willing to settle the whole matter before the judge gets a chance to rule for an honest amount, but in return we need a copy of the list of plaintiffs. I know if I was a lawyer and representing the RNC, that would be my next move, just before the judge dismisses the case, because I know that that list has some value to the RNC.

I don't know if you are simply being played by these lawyers or if you are "in" on this game, or even the "lawyers" haven't figured out the eventual end result on this one because they are idiots, but the outcome is not going to be beneficial to the R3volution.

God Bless.