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From my competitive viewpoint

"But still I think as long as we all have involuntary numbers we will stay attached and controlled even if we don't use the monopoly money."

From my competitive viewpoint anything that diverts defensive thoughts that may lead to effective defensive actions against Legal Crime work to allow Legal Crime to perpetuate.

Try as I might there is no visible method by which Legal Crime can be avoided other than disconnecting from it. So the obvious thought required to lead to the obvious act required is to accurately identify that connection and then once that connection is found then those who will be disconnected disconnect it.

Those who won't be disconnected from it won't.

How many people are needed to make the act of disconnecting the Victims from the Legal Criminals real?

I am very confident in knowing that Legal Criminals monitor such things and they know when their power is being threatened by a sufficient number of people who would, if they knew better, disconnect from the crime in progress - made legal.

"But still I think as long as we all have involuntary numbers we will stay attached and controlled even if we don't use the monopoly money."

Are you saying that the money connection is superfluous, and therefore not an effective act required in the necessary work victims must do if victims are to become former victims?

Which connection between victims and Legal Criminals constitutes something less superfluous and therefore something required in the effort to disconnect the victims from the Legal Criminals so as to end the crime in progress made legal?

I could be wrong, sure, you have a better first step, or a better second step, a workable plan, a competitive plan, such as the burning of Social Security Cards first, and then a second step, or abandoning the not as competitive burning of SS Cards, your next effective step is to do what exactly?

There will be an effective act done by enough people when the connection is severed and Liberty prevails or that won't happen and Legal Crime will perpetuate for another 200 years, so what will that act be, or what will those acts be, by those former victims earning their Liberty?

"But I ask because I do not understand why that number is not the key?"

The point I made had to do with the number of people who constitute the total POWER that will not follow that act along on that course because those people want that Social Security Blanket.

That Social Security Number would be an entirely different thing if it were not Legally bound to The Dollar, and that would take some explaining to make the concept real in your mind - perhaps.

How about a deal you make with everyone in the group called The Union of Retired People covered with their Social Security Blanket.

You say, how about all of us going out and burning our Social Security Cards?

They say that you are nuts.

Now what?

Now, change that around, and instead of you going to them unarmed, you go to them with a list of names of people who will, on July 4th 2013, start using alternative, competitive, honest, accurate, valuable, real, accountable, money, and therefore the Social Security Blanket, which is tied Legally to The Dollar, will become worthless in time, so now your dealing with facts, not enforced fraud.

Listen, you say, please, I'm not a nut case conspiracy theorist, and I'm here for your benefit, to let you know, well ahead of time, that your Gravy Train is reaching the end of the line, so here is what you can do, if you want to get what you have earned in your life time. The Social Security Blanket was a deal done by Legal Criminals and their POWER is going to vanish when the house of cards comes tumbling down, which is going to happen one way or the other, so the list of names who are going to be using a competitive currency know this, and so we The Friends of Liberty, are preparing for that day that that Gray Train reaches the end of the line, so you need to prepare too, so how can we, make a deal, how can we get your Investments converted over to an honest money sooner, rather than too late?

If the Union of Social Security Blanket Retired People still say to you "Piss off nut case", then they ride their train to where it will go, and you did what you could to warn them concerning the actual facts of that train, and where it is going.

Social Security is a Dollar Denominated Legal Financial Product, so why can't it be converted to any other competitive legal money denomination based upon today's rate of conversion? Do it now, or lose out, the Dollar Denominated train is reaching the end of the line.

When it reaches the end of the line there may yet be a pay off to those holding the Social Security numbers, but that may be a trip to a gas chamber, and every one of those who call the Messenger Boys nut case conspiracy theorists can do so all the way through their gas chambers and into their mass graves, or not.

What is the or not?

"But I ask because I do not understand why that number is not the key? Can you kindly explain how it does not bind us involuntarily to the system?"

The False Front is the Denomination of Money in Fraudulent Dollars, the False Front covers something or there would be no need for a False Front with nothing behind it. The thing covered is a whole lot of actual people who actually worked and actually paid into an insurance fund. The False Front covers the crimes of taking all the value out of that Fund and investing it, making more money, or just spending it. How much is left? You don't know, I don't know, and the Union of Retired People probably don't know, because the Fund is covered up by the False Front, which is The Dollar Hegemony, which is run by people who are criminals, with badges, and so, reasonably, when those criminals with badges no longer get any POWER through their False Front, We The People, can find out exactly how much POWER is left in Social Security, convert it to honest money, and that will be what is there, in that Fund, left for those people who paid into it.

Everyone is happy.

Except the Legal Criminals who are now backed into a corner feeding on each other like rats since their steady supply of victims are dwindling to nothing but their own kind.

Don't you get it?

If The Union of Retired People insist on enforcing their Dollar Denominated False Front Covering their Fraudulent "investments", not willing to take the actual value of the actual investment for what it actually is, then who constitutes all the rats?

I don't need to smell a rat when they confess with their actions.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, sure, all the way into your gas chamber on to your mass grave, fine with me, but The Friends of Liberty are getting off that train.

"How much time do we have left? I know you do not get the memos, but do we have time to plan? What if we all just quit using and giving that number. What if we all refused SS?"

"We" is you, I, and a lot of mice in your pocket?

Either the victims continue to be forced to be victims of Money Fraud, which makes the victims powerless because all our surplus power is stolen, or we start using our own honest money, our own accountable mediums of exchange, so that we can account for stolen wealth accurately, and that is the way it is, don't blame me.

Why question me?

It is what it is, if you don't see it, you don't, but I've been at this a long time, and there are reasons why you refuse to see it, or can't see it. Those reasons reside in your mind, not mine. I've shed the behavioral modification, the response conditioning, the manufactured consent, and the brain washing, so my brain isn't my worst enemy.

Night and Day:

Friends of Liberty disconnect the connections to Legal Criminals.

Not A

We are not disconnected now, we are connected, so what is the connection?

If we are not connected anymore are we still able to connect to each other, where all the Friends of Liberty can still work to make more out of less, to make life higher, and higher, and higher in quality, while at the same time making life lower, and lower, and lower in cost?

If Night turns into Day, and we are no longer connected to Legal Criminals, even if the Legal Criminals include The Union of Retired Social Security Blanket Owners Lobby protecting their One Legal Money Power, hiring Mittens or Obummer to keep their Gravy Train rolling off that cliff, hoping the cliff doesn't arrive while they are still alive, even so, Night still turns into Day.

Connection severed.


Now what?

Do we The Friends of Liberty still have the POWER to trade equitably and therefore do we still have a connection, and a competitive connection, and an accurate connection, and a higher quality connection, and a lower cost connection, connecting our equitable, productive, behinds, by some medium of exchange after Night turns into Day?



Why not before instead of after?

Why not make that accurate, useable, Crime Free, Free Market, Free Money Market, Free Competitive Money Market, connection now, since that connection will gradually force out the Legal Crime Money Monopoly and offer everyone the opportunity to opt out in time, before any sudden collapse, before the Legal Criminals can Control the Demolition of Liberty.

"What if we and employers would do the same?"

The Demon IRS is on that path, ask any employer, see if they are willing to take that route.

The concept of having a day in the future whereby we begin to count our number of people who will do something, on some future date, giving fair warning to anyone else, on that date we will do something, once out numbers are sufficient to constitute an effective power of defensive deterrence, we do that which we said we would do, on that date, so be preparing for that day now.

What do we do?

Burn our Social Security cards because they are connected to Legal Crime through Legally Enforced Criminal Fraud Dollar Denomination?

I think you miss the point. I think that you treat a symptom, not a cause. I think that there is no need to give the IRS an excuse to punish employers and I don't think that there is any need to leave old people out in the cold.

"Wouldn't we all save a bundle. Why wouldn’t that be another hole in the dyke the Criminals could not plug along with the issuing of multiple competitive currencies?"

Suppose we leave blank the actual actions to be done by all The Friends of Liberty on July 4th 2013 (since 2012 is now way too soon, not enough people signing on in name, in honor, in integrity, as individuals who declare their own independence) and I can offer my competitive option of what we do on that day, and you offer your competitive option of what we all do on that day, and I'll burn my Social Security card too, since I've already checked and the Judge said no, no Joe, just because you worked paying into it for 25 years, no, you don't get anything now, just because your health went south, and no one would hire an old broken down guy with a history of DVT, and PE, your "investment" isn't what you thought it was when you were sold the lie, to bad for you.

Sure, I'll burn the card too, why not? I have no stake in it, at this time. If The Friends of Liberty do come up with an Honest Legal Money option, or two, or three, by the time the Judge says here you go Joe, here is your benefits for your insurance payments as advertized, then the actual value of the investment may be realized at that time converted to a competitive money, since a Dollar Benefit from that Dollar Denominated Fund, at that time, will be worthless, like trying to buy groceries with Confederate Dollars, or Green Backs, or any other of the Hyper Inflated Fraud Money Issues that went down that same road.

"Imagine us all filing that means by which we suffer tax return without a SSN, LOL! How could it be the wrong direction?"

It is a competitive option, and competitive options have a way of defining themselves by their higher quality and lower cost, as more and more people realize the better path.

I was commenting on this:

"But still I think as long as we all have involuntary numbers we will stay attached and controlled even if we don't use the monopoly money."

That reads like inevitable dooms day, or what I call the Doom Day Parade. Hop on board, and why not get this thing going faster, I'm tired of waiting.