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tax farming

It's frustrating to hear so many people decrying obamacare as "socialism". A single payer system could be accurately termed "socialist" but mandatory insurance purchase is classic tax farming. Because tax farming is so foreign to American traditions, few are able to identify the practice. When the government forces us to pay tribute to a private party, this is tax farming. The Federal Reserve system is another example of tax farming. The problem with tax farming is that it is inherently oppressive and inevitably impoverishes society. The appetites of rent-seekers are impossible to satisfy and inevitably consume the productive capacity of the populace. To compound the problem, tax farming is inherently parasitic, and does not provide any benefit or product. The destructive nature of tax-farming is readily evident in eastern Europe where the custom has a long history, both under the feudal system and later under communism. In the west, opposition to tax-farming is immortalized in the old children's rhyme: "Hark, hark the dogs do bark, the beggars are coming to town. Some in rags, some in tags and some in velvet gown." The velvet-gowned beggar is the wealthy tax-farmer who lives on public largesse, such as the central banker or crony capitalist of our era. Unfortunately, the neo-conservative Republicans are quite enamored with tax-farming and it seems we will see much more of this anti-capitalist and anti-western scourge in the future. They call it "privatization" as though it were true private enterprise, but behind the facade is the iron fist of the state. How can we encourage potential tax-farmers to enter the free market where talent and excellence rule, and to eschew the dismal mediocrity and shameful beggary of tax farming?

One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics, is to be governed by inferiors ~ Plato