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I watched about 20 minutes of it

Galen is such a slow speaker, so I skipped around to get the gist of his various arguments.

People can SAY they've done a lot of things to get attention. However, there are so many counter-examples of people being harmed or killed by nuclear waste or experimental radiation. Why do you believe this man over all of those documented events?

Here is a whole list of examples:

Nuclear radiation from spent fuel is DANGEROUS. But on the other hand, just like flying is one of the safest ways to travel statistically, nuclear power is one of the safest ways to generate power. That doesn't mean it is completely safe.

If Galen had indeed ignited (you don't "ignite" fissile material, you induce criticality) plutonium in his hand, he would be dead. If you refuse to believe that, please volunteer to demonstrate safe plutonium decay yourself in your own hand. I would actually pay to see that, but I will remain behind a lead-glass shield, thanks very much.