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I dont need to watch the

I dont need to watch the video to know the basics here.
The whole subject with radiation dangers is how much of it takes to break DNA strands. The DNA strand breaks are what is supposed to cause cancer from radiation.
To know how much energy it takes to break the DNA bonds(well I would make a rocket science joke, but that probably wouldnt fit well haha) you simply plug the numbers into the proper equations. Its not actually complicated when you break this down to the individual components.
A small increase from background radiation isnt going to cause much of a problem, and in fact it has already been recently shown that the body steps up its repair mechinisms to combat this.

The whole "do not be exposed to this amount" idea comes entirely from statistics. Radioactivity happens more or less spontaneously(per atom) but at a set rate overall. Being exposed to radiation simply increases the chance that more DNA breaks will happen, and hence why they say there is a certain limit. Its basically like saying you have a this percentage amount of chance that this amount of DNA damage will occur over that time period. Get exposed to higher radiation levels, the higher the chance of DNA damage. Obviously the higher the levels go, the higher the chance progresses towards 100%.

Now, I did listen to the first 23min, but nothing struck me as that impressive. Refining uranium by hand and swimming in warm pools of water is hardly going to kill you. First with the uranium, when you have such low concentrations, the corresponding amount of radiation will be low. With swimming in the pools, water actually acts as a barrier to radiation. Swimming on the surface is only going to expose you to low levels.
Kicking the fuel rods is more interesting, but once again, its all about exposure amount. They went in there and kicked stuff, but its not going to immediately kill you. I would be willing to bet they were exposed to any significant amount for all of like 30 seconds max.

Anyway, going back to the equations, its well established that if something imparts energy onto something else, you are going to get an effect. Now, if anyone here wants to bet that they will still be alive for a long time to come after bathing in high levels of neutron radiation, I dont think I would take it simply because its hard to collect from a dead person.

PS. Post the calculations showing typical reactor radiation isnt dangerous and you will have something.

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