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Katherine Albrecht, the Chip Lady

My friend Katherine Albrecht wrote a book called Spychips and is considered a pretty good authority on this subject. This is what she has to say about this rumor. When they refer to 'devices' they are talking about implantables like hips, hearts, pacemakers, etc.

Hope this helps. ~ J in NH

The rumor that the "Obamacare" health care bill contains a provision to microchip the public has spread far and wide. Thousands of web sites refer to it, so it's no surprise people are getting it wrong. I'd like to set the record straight, however. The law does not require chip implants.

The 906-page final version of the PATIENT PROTECTION AND AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, otherwise known as "Obamacare," can be found online here: (legislative details) (full-text PDF) (full-text PDF with amendments and consolidations through May 2010)

You can read it cover to cover and you won't find anything about microchip implants.

Some commentators are mistakenly referring to an old HOUSE VERSION of the health care bill, H.R. 3200, a 2,454-page mega-bill introduced in 2009 that did not pass. That bill contained a Section 2561 where "implantable medical devices" were mentioned in a section that called for the creation of a "National Medical Device Registry."

That section referred to FDA-approved Class II "implantable medical devices" that are in wide use today, such as pacemakers, artificial hips, drug delivery pumps, heart stents, and others. The defunct H.R. 3200 bill would simply have created a requirement to register those implanted medical devices in order to evaluate their post-market risk and evaluate patient safety over time. It made no mention of implantable microchips.

The FDA is charged with evaluating and approving medical devices before they can be offered for sale, but it does not currently have a way to follow up once they have been sold. The concern over the long-term safety of implantable devices is a real one, given that implanted foreign bodies have the potential to cause cancer. (See my cancer report and FAQ at
as well as animal cases at for evidence.) Nevertheless, this provision did not make it into the final version of the health care legislation.

A different bill numbered H.R. 3590 (not H.R .3200) is the version of health care legislation that President Obama actually signed into law on March 23, 2010. That bill did not contain a requirement for a "medical device registry," made no mention of implantable medical devices, and most assuredly did not mention implantable microchips.

In sum, as the nation's leading opponent of RFID and implantable microchips, I can categorically state that the Obamacare legislation does not contain a provision for implanting microchips into people. Nor did any previous versions of health care legislation introduced in Congress contain such language.

With all the other privacy-invading provisions in the health care legislation, I hate to see people spending their energy on something that isn't there. Hopefully we can now lay the rumor to rest.

In freedom and in truth,
Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D.

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