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I heard someone say this on the Fox propaganda network. More wishful thinking from the neocons. The problems with this are multifold:

1. Romney is just as bad or even worse than Obama on civil liberties and property rights.
2. Romney will not succeed in repealing Obamacare and might not even try.
3. By the time President Romney takes office the economy will be in such disastrous condition that affordable medical care will cease to be a key issue. They will be fighting over other things and, and usual, fail to come to any resolution.
4. Romney is a liar like the majority of modern day American politicians.
5. Libertarians are not idiotic single issue voters who trust career politicians.
6. We are going to - at the very least - embarrass the Republicon party and their empty suit candidate at the convention...and we will enjoy it.

I cannot even believe that people on this site would even consider voting for a corporate shill fascist like Romney. There is no practical consideration that could possibly lead a Libertarian to vote for Romney even if he were to repeal Obamacare which, quite frankly, is barely the icing on the giant cake of totalitarianism.