Comment: THANK you for this post re corporations!

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THANK you for this post re corporations!

I'm sending this link to everyone I know. A while ago I learned some of it through Kalle Lasn's "Culture Jam." (Lasn coined the term Occupy Wall St. and apparently set the first date. He also publishes Adbusters Magazine.) I remember in the book he said something like, "Just know, we're not a bunch of lefties." Here at the DP, the minute you say anything against Monsanto (for one), you get accused of being a "statist" or a "collectivist." The enormous power wielded by these global corporations is not how things should be, nor what the founders intended. And it's outrageous that corporations should be enjoying human rights. That's thanks to a misguided Supreme Court justice. I know of two instances where corporate charters were revoked. If difficult to achieve, it's still on the books. Today we have the worst of both worlds: big government and big corporations - working together. And not for us, either.

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