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Yes. It is About Making Money

You have to create a positive cash flow to prevent going broke. The "beginners stuff" is more important than anything else at this time. I have been involved in many startups over of the past forty years. Some succeeded. Most failed. The reason for the failures was the failure to consistently apply the "beginners stuff". The successes occurred due to years of groundwork and NEVER giving up.

You cannot change the laws of the nature.

If you have a lot of money to start, that would be better. With a lot of money for startup, you can build a Rolls Royce like Campaign for Liberty did. They started with five million dollars and built a Rolls Royce which they offered to their existing followers. In a few months they had 30,000 members and a lot of traffic. At one point, they reached 200,000 (I think). They had the credibility of Ron Paul and a first class product to offer their established market.

Without the stash of cash, you must start out step by step.

You have to have something to sell. Start with a website, maybe a blog. Knock on doors and give out business cards or home made flyers. Build lists on line and off line. Keep in regular contact with your lists, even by phone or in person. Get others involved, online and off line. Never spend more than your regular cash flow permits. If that is only ten dollars per week available from a part time job, that is all you should spend to stay alive. You must assume that it will grow slowly, although it is always possible that it might take off.

It is the chicken or the egg. How can you develop traffic unless you have an attractive product to offer? But how can you have a product unless you have traffic? The solution is to build slowly, starting with a simple web site. As your product improves, you will have a more attractive reason for visitors to come on board.

I've seen it over and over. The occasional lottery ticket instant success cannot be banked on but sometimes occurs. The persistant turtle has a better chance of winning the race.

Gene Louis
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