Comment: Ah Octobox, you never seem to not sound silly

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Ah Octobox, you never seem to not sound silly

"I can quote Einstein and the Bible. That does not make me an Astrophysicist nor a Preacher."

An astrophysicist, no... but depending on how you define 'preacher', well now, that maybe a different story. But the point I was making, dear Octo, is that you are quoting from a book while using an interpretation in order to dismiss the worth of the book from which the quote comes. That seems like an odd way to proceed. And your rebuttal is to say that quoting the Bible doesn't make one a preacher, which simply ignores my point and is completely off target... but I'm used to that from you.

"As an entreprenuer and believer in consumer-sovereignty I can take no lasting position on anything -- I'm open (very open) and eager to learn where I'm wrong."

Is that a lasting position then? When you say 'I can take no lasting position on anything', is that open to change? Is your openness and eagerness to learn open to change? And interestingly enough, much of what you write after this sounds rather absolute, full of phrases like, "I would never..." and "I cannot imagine...". You preach individualism, then grant another individual permission to pray for you while defining the parameters for his prayers.. tying it all up with a declaration that to believe as I do is to be cursed with limitations. You sound very open minded, in a very small way.