Comment: The thing about "organized religion"

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The thing about "organized religion"

is that it is VOLUNTARY. So what if I subscribe to a particular spiritual dogma or doctrine? As long as it is voluntary and I do not force it on you it is no ones business. What is going on here is that "organized religion" has been co-opted by statists, Fabians, who have recognized that slow infiltration and psy-ops works better than bloody revolution. Of course "organized religion" has been a primary target of that early on. Catholic convert and ex communist Bella Dodd related how the commies infiltrated the Catholic Church seminaries with over a thousand commies and some are now cardinals. The "pedophilia" scandal is really a homosexual abuse scandal that was very likely also a result of targeting the Church for destruction. That doesn't mean that Christ did not exist or that Polycarp was a commie. It just means we have to sift through and judge the fruit of those who claim to be our religious leaders, hold them accountable.
What is going on is a clash between state worshippers and God worshippers. The problem is that a lot of the God worshippers don't understand that they are actually buying into state worship by acceding that the state has the authority to pass laws decreeing things like marriage between anyone/anything, euthenasia, genocide of Muslims, taxation, affirmative action, brainwashing and forced vaccination of people is morally righteous.
When Christians start accepting that the state simply does not have the God-like authority it claims it does the real persecutions will begin. But, as long as there is no God, no moral authority, the persecutions will be morally acceptable to those who accept the idea that the state decides what is righteous and what is not.
I agree with you. We do not need a class of people to rule over us. They will ultimately become tyrannical as the worst sort of sickos will gravitate to that class as they see the opportunities to oppress and plunder with impunity.