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Pharmaceutical Puppet

The Supreme Court is not upholding the Constitution, and I knew this was going to happen, especially since Dr. Paul had previously proclaimed that they are not doing a very good job of protecting Individual Liberties.
People have got to start electing those who will "uphold" the constitution, and Mittens or Obama are not the right choice.
It saddens me very much to know that now the Federal Government has a new tax they can go after...It will likely come down the them requiring employers to withdraw it from our pay.
Employers will be required to "collect" this tax from all employees, and if you're unemployed, then that will mean the employed will be paying for the unemployed too.
The hospitals' stocks went up immediately after this announcement, and our troops are protecting the opiates in Afghanistan.
Big Pharmaceuticals are celebrating because now more people will be going to hospitals/doctors which means more people on their meds.
I don't think the founders of the country envisioned the Supreme Court becoming a puppet of big business or the federal government.
Corporate U.S.A. Inc.