Comment: Sad but true and worse than you think

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Sad but true and worse than you think

As a relative 'newb' around here, I can tell you I am turned off from the movement a bit lately due to the attacks. I have to tell everyone, you are all still people and many act and react just like the crowd from Glenn Beck's new sites and the far left websites. Angry aggressive, rude, mean, snobbish and cruel.

The minute people were pissed off at Rand for being a typical politician this place split up to a 50/50 ratio that I don't think will repair itself. Some want to play games in politics, while others of us got here by being tired of the games. Personally, I am the latter and as a result of my not backing Rand's tact have been accosted here worse than at Beck's site for not 'towing the line'. Hey, many of us accept what Rand did, but many of us also still think he is full of S if he thinks he can do what no one else has.

I could give a crap about young kids here that act this way and there is alot of good info here, but I can tell you this crowd isn't really much different than any other crowd when it comes down to mob mentality.

There are some great minds around here, there are some complete fools, there are erratic and thoughtful juveniles, and crazy old guys like me that will be here when people are ready to stop playing politics and get serious if and when the rest of America is. Getting everyone to respect each other adequately and form a plan? Maybe, but people will be people eventually when the strand of hair that bound them starts to fray at the edges.

I know I didn't give any positive fixes to your dilemma, I am not sure there is a fix for 'people' after what I see here and everywhere else.